Atlantis. Fiction.

“A group of scientists has found Atlantis! This is one of the biggest news stories of 2013. And where is it then? No-one knows for sure. All there is to know is that Atlantis exists in a parallel universe. Thus the already highly developed civilization has evolved for thousands of years into a totally different direction than the world that we live in.”

There is no daily sunrise in Atlantis. The Sun rises just a few times a year and that’s the most meaningful
event for the Atlantis civilization. Sunlight makes them peaceful; some say it feels like your soul sings
louder than it does when you are in love.
Every morning is exhausting and sad. The Sun is behind an eternal mist. Hope transforms into sadness
and that reflects in the Atlantis people’s eyes.
The few days the mist disperses the most gorgeous celebrations that someone could ever imagine
take place, but what’s more impressive is the bright light spark in the Atlantis people‘s eyes. Happiness and
freedom just from something as usual as a sunlight is for us…


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